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We offer comprehensive CRM software development services in Python, Go, and Perl, tailored to businesses’ unique requirements. They provide efficient, scalable, and user-friendly solutions with seamless integration, enhanced efficiency, insightful analytics, and scalability.


We offer server infrastructure management and DevOps solutions, specializing in Linux server administration. They ensure optimized operations, system reliability, and digital transformation for businesses.


Our Call Center Queue Management System optimizes customer service operations with intelligent call routing, real-time monitoring, multi-channel support, and comprehensive analytics.

S3 Agent

Groundbreaking Efficiency

S3 Agent revolutionizes data storage by optimizing efficiency and reducing costs by up to 40%. It offers intelligent data management, seamless integration with Amazon S3, automated cost optimization, real-time analytics, security, compliance, and dedicated customer support. Experience the future of data storage today.

Some Of Our Case Studies

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With over 200 servers and VMs, we provide security and system administration, network architecture and firewall management.


Migration to the cloud, we secured their infrastructure, set up security rules and vpn servers to ensure optimal operation.


Development of a customized voice server solution, real-time queue management, and implementation of a disaster recovery plan.

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Softalys offers cutting-edge DevOps solutions tailored to your unique needs. With a customized approach, seasoned expertise, industry-leading tools, and an agile, collaborative culture, we accelerate your software development lifecycle. Our scalable and secure solutions prioritize your success, backed by exceptional customer support.

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